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Big Thank You

Big thank you to all who are supporting the church at this moment in time. Also thank you to those who have supported the last Sunday in every month when we have it for Private Readings and Healing. Remember you MUST BOOK your place along with a £10 deposit to secure your place for a reading at the time when you book.

Due to the fact that we we were closed for 5 months we still have utility bills to pay so we have to raise our own funds to keep the doors open to our lovely church.

We have now been open for two months and have all the safety rules in place to keep everyone safe, so spread the word that Chesham Spiritualist Church IS OPEN and you will be most welcome.

There are mediums that have cancelled and are not working till next year so you will see both Yvonne and Lynne stepping in on various services so as to keep the doors to the church open.

So come along and enjoy the atmosphere and energy that our church always offers.

Again thank you and look forward to seeing you soon .

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