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A peek into the history of Chesham Spiritualist Church

The land that Chesham Spiritualist Church is on was originally part of a field and was purchased in 1884 for the price of £48.00 In 1886 the land was sold again for the price of £50.00 The land was sold yet again in 1928 for the sum of £150.00 In 1932 the land was sold to Fred Kemp Dawe, Sydney Walter Rance, Maidion Dalglish Dawe, Millicent Harris, Reuben Atkins and William Green. The land was bought for the sum of £150.00 as was to be held in trust by the above names.


The church itself was, as far as we know, built in the latter part of 1932 or early part of 1933.


The church was registered as a place of worship in April 1934 and was later registered to perform the solemnization of marriages on the 24th November 1949.


A slice of land at the rear of the church was in 1967 sold to Giffard Newton, the factory at the rear of the church which to this day is still there.

Church Presidents

Sidney Walter Rance was a founder and the first President of the Chesham Spiritualist Church. There have been many to hold this position over the years as follows: Mr Lou Stafford, Mrs Ena Holt, Mr David Green, Mr Stan Ridgeway, Mrs Robina Ridgeway, Mrs Eileen Harrod. Since 1995 Mrs Yvonne Stanbridge/Minister CSSI has held the position of President.


Over the years the church has seen many, many changes with more to come I expect.


A Lyceum (Sunday School) has been held in the church with about 12 children attending each Sunday morning.


Teaching circles are held to this day with those attending sharing thoughts and ideas.


In 1998 the church choir was born. Choir practice took place once a week and was a fun time for all who participated. It certainly added a little extra to the special occasion's, like the Remembrance Service and Christmas Christingle Carol service.


Over the last few years there have been major work done, like, double doors, new rostrum, main front and side doors. A major fund raising campaign contributed to the other half towards the Window Appeal  PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY IF YOU CAN

An official road sign now directs people to the church from the main road. This has proved to be a great help to people visiting from outside the area.


In 2003 after nearly three years of fund raising the new rostrum was built.

January 2006 saw twelve new windows going in. Total to raise was £3,560. Half was raised by the congregation during the year 2005, the church funds matched the other half.

To Those Recently Bereaved

The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences to cope with. This is one of the main reasons people enter our doors. Seeking out the help and guidance along with wanting to understand more about the continuation of life within the spiritualist movement.


Loved ones who have just gone on ahead of you, back home to the spiritual realms will in time be able to communicate through a working medium.


It is sharing this knowledge that you will in time find your own proof, that you will see your loved ones again, after all we are pure energy, and you cannot destroy that.


If you find you have received comfort in entering our church or any other then please help us to help others who may be in need and spread the word of comfort.


This church along with many others offers counseling. Please, do ask for help, it will never be refused.


God Bless and Thank You.

Many people who have entered throu the doors of this church over the years have said how warm the feeling is within it. Hopefully you will agree with that statement. The doors are open to all whatever denomination they may be. Everyone is an equal.


We hope that for whatever reason you may have entered this church you find peace, love and warmth from those you meet. We want you to know there is always a listening ear. Feel free to make yourself known to an officer of the church and they will do their best to help.


We hope that the Chesham Spiritualist Church will run for many years to come.


Love And Light To You All

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