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What to expect when you come to a service

On entering our beautiful church you can always be sure of a warm welcome.


We try to book a different medium for each service but sometimes there can be a change of medium for various reasons whereby another medium would then be booked.

Mediums are ordinary people who have over time developed their natural ability to communicate with the Spiritual Realms to then prove that we do survive physical death.

Communication with the spirit world using mediumship is a means to enabling spirit people, some who are family and friends to communicate with us to assure us that their spirit has indeed survived physical death.  They also retain their personality, character, memories etc. and will learn to develop and evolve their spirit whilst in the spiritual realms.

During each service there is a demonstration of mediumship by the visiting medium.  Sometimes they will go directly to a person in the congregation with a message for them or the medium may just give off to everyone what they are receiving from spirit and ask if anyone can understand it.  This usually happens when the medium is not being directed to any one particular person.

If a medium does ask if they can come to you with a message then we ask that you answer either 'yes' or 'no.  Answers are usually yes but there can be those who come along just for the healing properties of the church or to receive the hands on healing that is offered and to just enjoy the service.

Whilst receiving a message we ask that you allow the medium to hear your voice and to answer with a yes or no or that you do not understand the message. Please try not to feed the medium with information as they are there to give you the proof.


Every medium has their own way of working but the aim should always be the same which is to try and give that proof of continued life.

Spiritual Healing is offered at every service.  There is also a Healing Book that you can enter names in of anyone needing healing thoughts going out to them.  These names are then read out during the service.

Love and Light to all who enter our lovely church

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